Provider Training Calendar

Available Training - [Required]

Below is a list of Required Training Courses currently available.They are sorted alphabetically by course name. By clicking on the plus (+) sign in front of each course, you can see in which city each course is currently being taught. If you would like to register for a scheduled training, select the 'Register' link next to the specific training and complete all the required information. Once you have completed the registration information, you will be returned to this page. You will receive a confirmation email once your registration is processed. Only courses that are currently scheduled are listed.

If the course you need is not listed, you have two options:
    1. Check back every couple of days to see if the course you are wanting to take has been added to the listing OR
    2. For some courses, there are people certified to provide the training other than APD staff, who can be contacted directly to determine their availability and cost.

Below is a list of the courses and a link to the listing of trainers. Contact the trainer for more information regarding the training. Please note: There may be a charge for the training.
Core Competencies Trainers
Zero Tolerance Trainers
Reactive Strategies Trainers
Supported Employment Coaching Trainers
Supported Living Coaching Trainers
 Available Trainings
Supported Employment Certification Training: Introduction to Social Security Work Incentives - classroom
Supported Living Certification Training